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An Entrepreneur’s Journey …

Sherry's First Sales TeamIt was the summer of 1968 when the Entrepreneur bug first bit, Founder, Sherry Carnahan. The local Lawson’s store, where her grandmother worked, had a fantastic candy and snack counter that Sherry and her friends loved to shop. The problem was, their parents said they needed to raise their own money to buy from it.

With this dilemma in mind, one day Sherry was watching her mother read her favorite “Good Housekeeping” magazine and heard her mention how expensive magazines were to buy. That’s when the idea hit her!

If she and her friends were to collect used magazines from their neighbors, they could resell them for a quarter. The neighbors would get a chance to read a variety of magazines at a much lower cost and the girls  would have money for their “snack fund”.

Much to Sherry’s parents surprise, the “magazine business” worked. The rest of the summer Sherry’s sales team would knock on doors once a week collecting and selling used magazines. After a small taste of success, business was in Sherry’s blood. She would go on to start other businesses throughout her childhood and into her adult life that fed her entrepreneurial spirit.

In 1992, long before the catch phrase “Virtual Assistant” came along; Sherry was paving the way by assisting clients from all over the country with their office administration needs and all from the comfort of her home.  Today, her company, Total Office, Inc. , continues to grow and expand.

In 2012, with the ever increasing need for businesses to market on the Internet, a strategic move was made to create, Red Dress Marketing, a new division of her company.

That move turned out to be a good one, as today Red Dress Marketing is a thriving business that creates and implements Internet Marketing plans and websites for Financial Advisors, Authors, Non-Profits, Entrepreneurs and most recently, politicians .

To learn more about Sherry Carnahan and her pioneering spirit visit: www.sherrycarnahan.com




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