It All Starts With An Action Plan

The first step to a successful drip marketing program is to start with a plan. If you don’t have one, our marketing team will work with you to create one for you.
Road map
As a Financial Advisor, you wouldn’t start investing your client’s money without knowing what their needs and goals are, would you? Well, neither will we.

Before we start implementing your personalized drip marketing program, we want to find out more about your company, what your goals are, evaluate your current offline and online presence. From there we will  research your competitors and customers with the purpose of providing you with recommendations and a suggested road map for your drip marketing program. Once we all agree, we can proceed with implementing the plan.

Already have a plan but need help implementing it?

Our “Implementation Services” takes your plan and puts it into action.  We will setup your e-marketing templates, opt-in forms and auto-responders, update blogs and minor website content, setup and manage your social media accounts and more. Service also includes ‘lite” guidance, copy proofing, editing and minor rewriting. Full website design, graphics, SEO and copyrighting services are extra.


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