E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing is the most important element in a well-planned, successful drip marketing program. It is the one consistent piece of marketing that works to stay in front of your clients, prospects and centers of influence and that you control.  Let us explain…

While blogging and social media are excellent elements to add to your drip marketing plan, one needs to remember that each of thoseEmail envelopes   platforms own and control how you see, connect and get followers or prospects. They are changing their methods every day and at any given moment you could log on and all your contact lists be gone. Worse, they could close their doors without warning. If they do, what would happen to your list?

By implementing an email marketing program, the first thing you will do is to start building your own list of prospects, clients and Center of Influences. When you own your own list, you  can control the who, what, when and how of sending messages to them.

At Red Dress Marketing we can assist you in taking that first step by helping you build a qualified list of people to send information to. Next we will help you setup the tools you’ll need to create and send out great content that your readers will want to read and look forward to. By creating an automatic email campaign, you can send information on a regular basis so when the day comes that a reader may be in the right situation where they are ready to use or refer your product or service then you SCORE!

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